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Coyote Design receives a nice thank you for sending prosthetic materials to Ghana O&P School.

I’m following up quite late with this thank you note. Attached to this message are some photos from our visit to the Brother Tarcissius Prosthetic and Orthotic Training Center (BTPOTC) in Ghana. They have a 3 year P&O program. We were there for two weeks to assist with the third years final exams. During the 2 weeks the students evaluated and casted someone in need of a KAFO or a transfemoral prosthesis, and then fabricated and fit the device. Below are photos of the 1st and 2nd years in class saying thank you for the plaster spreaders and thumb drives (they really appreciated the thumb drives!). We gave these items to the third years as well; you can see one of the third year students modifying his cast in preparation for test fitting. The 4 hole connectors were incredibly useful. You can see them preparing to do a one step lamination with the 4 hole connector positioned at the distal end of the cast in the photo of the guy holding the PVA bag. The last photo you can see the pyramid at the end of the laminated socket. Finally, we gave the plaster mixing bowls to the instructors.


Thank you again for donating these useful and generous gifts to share with the program in Ghana. We really appreciated being able to bring these tools to them.



Sue Spaulding, CPO

Limbitless Challenge 2017

We are so pleased to have been part of this experience! Check out our pictures from the Limbitless Challenge 2017



One of Coyote P&O patients, Nick Edinger, won the "World's Strongest Disabled Man" competition in London.


In this interview Nick tells how Coyote Design's StabileFlex Socket design and Coyote Composite Basalt Fiber helps him succeed in power lifting.


Nick is a patient of Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Great job Dr. Myers

Rehab Systems (Coyote P&O), St. Luke's Rehabilitation, St. Luke's Clinic Physicians, St. Luke's Magic Valley Employees and 1st Federal Bank!  If you would like to donate to this great cause please visit www.borah4balance.com.

Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics (Formerly Rehab Systems) was a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual Warrior's Rock Climb at Castle Rock's State Park in Almo, ID, this past summer. This incredible event is put on each year for local Veteran's and their families. The mission of Warriors Rock Climbing event is to show Veterans that their communities care about them by providing a fun event that both they and their families can participate in. Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics is honored to support this event.

4th Annual Warrior's Rock Climb


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